KAIVITI Consulting


We are a boutique consulting company for the nutrition & wellness industries. 
Our significant experience allows us to meet your needs in multiple areas including:
Branding & Social media for enhanced consumer engagement 
Development of unique, competitive products  
Design & execute preclinical research and clinical trials
Provide scientific & regulatory support 



Dr. Miller is a KOL in medicine, nutrition, health & wellness, biomedicine and nutraceuticals. We excel in translating science...
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Science & Regulations

Summaries of the scientific 
literature to support 
current or proposed claims
 can be developed for 
regulatory needs...
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Product R&D

Innovative products 
designed & marketed by 
Dr.  Miller have changed the nutraceutical industry across numerous channels ... 
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Clinical Trials

With three decades of academic research in Medical Schools across the globe and owner of a 
contract research ...
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Dr. Miller spent a stellar career of over three decades in academic medicine until he focused on delivering impactful products to consumers based on his research. His pioneering research was remarkably varied including: inflammation, cardiovascular health, gastroenterology, pediatrics, fetal development, nutrition, cancer and traditional medicines. His PhD was in physiology & pharmacology and he is both a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition & a Certified Nutrition Specialist.

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