Dr. Miller is a KOL in medicine, nutrition, health & wellness, biomedicine and nutraceuticals. We excel in translating science into consumer friendly forms that engage, educate, motivate and establish loyalty. 

Multiple platforms are used including social media, podcasts, videos, and town hall meetings. Links to examples of these branding activities: 

Science & Regulations

Summaries of the scientific literature to support current or proposed claims can be developed for regulatory needs. Dr. Miller has extensive experience working with legal firms in areas of patents, product claims & scientific defenses. 

Product R&D

Innovative products designed & marketed by Dr. Miller have changed the nutraceutical industry across numerous channels (MLM, Pharmacy & Retail, Direct to Consumer). Fundamental consumer needs are the focus of impactful designs. An intimate knowledge of mechanisms of action allows for intelligent design & ingredient synergy. Dr. Miller’s research has fundamentally influenced the practice of medicine & wellness. He is a leading authority in traditional medicines from global sources but especially the Amazon Rainforest.

Clinical Trials

With three decades of academic research in Medical Schools across the globe and owner of a contract research organization, Dr. Miller has extensive experience in designing and executing research studies, both preclinical and clinical, generating and validating product claims.  
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